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I have always loved science. Being method-oriented, structured, and logical, science served me well in my role as a dietitian. I worked with clients to enhance their nutritional status by focusing on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals...


..Until I realized that there is so much more to health than the molecules that we eat.

Listening empathically to my clients made it clear that our relationship with food is often connected to deeper areas, like:​

  • How we feel about ourselves

  • How we feel in our bodies

  • Our place in the world

  • How we cope with emotions

  • Our need for control

  • How we process trauma or difficult emotions

As I uncovered the true complexity of the interrelationships between food, our bodies, and our minds, I sought out additional training to better support my clients. I became:

  • A Registered Yoga Teacher to better connect with my South Asian roots and to combine aspects of spirituality and mindfulness into my practice. 

  • An Intuitive Eating Counsellor to present an alternative way of eating that would repair the disconnection between our minds and bodies that I was seeing in my clients on a daily basis.

  • A Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology student to become more aware of the human mind, emotions, and psychology.

  • A pursuer of my own journey towards positive mental health, where I saw firsthand the power and healing that came through sharing my story in a safe, supportive space.

Through my journey, I feel I have pushed through the barriers of my own trauma to find a new life. I want to be the safe, supportive, and nurturing space for others to undertake this same journey.

I want to help you



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