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Hello and thank you for visiting. I'm Sophia, and I believe in the power of genuine human connection. First and foremost, I identify as a fellow human navigating the complexities of life, just like you.

As a therapist, I bring a unique perspective to my practice. I view each person I work with not just as a client but as a fellow human being, complete with their own experiences, struggles, and triumphs. I'm here to create a safe and supportive space where we can explore the depths of your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

I wouldn't be the therapist that I am without having gone through my own struggles. Through my journey, I feel I have pushed through the barriers of my own trauma to find a new life. We all go through challenges in life, and having support, connection, and compassion can make all the difference.  My goal as a therapist is to hold for my clients a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space where they can share their stories, whatever they may be. My hope for every client is to have them leave each session with a little more hope and self-compassion than they started with. 

At Superbloom Wellness, I specialize in supporting those who are navigating how past childhood, relational, betrayal, intergenerational, or complex trauma may have impacted their relationship with themselves, their body, and with others. This may present itself as struggling with disordered eating, emotional eating, body image, self-esteem, attachment, relationship struggles, people pleasing, anxiety, and/or perfectionism. Together, we can process past trauma, nurture our unique nervous systems, break patterns that keep us feeling stuck, and move towards a life of self-trust and embodiment.

My background as a trauma specialist, dietitian, and mindfulness teacher allows me to view wellbeing holistically. I work collaboratively with clients to tackle challenges at the roots. My services would be best suited towards those who are looking for a down-to-earth, holistic, somatic, compassion-focused, and conversational approach to therapy.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a collaboration, and I'm committed to walking alongside you on your journey. If you're seeking a therapist who sees you not just as a set of symptoms but as a fellow human being with unique strengths and potential, I'm here for you.

Reach out today to inquire about your first session or to ask any questions!


I want to empower you to,




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