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What is Somatic Nutrition?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Superbloom Wellness was initially created because I felt that traditional healthcare often neglects the importance of a providing a holistic approach. Sure, there specialists on the human body and there are specialists on the human mind, but there seems to be a lack of specialists who consider ALL parts of a person—including mind, body, spirit, and culture.

Talk Therapy Can Only Go So Far.

Somatic practices, including somatic nutrition recognizes that talk therapy can only go so far. Beyond talking about nutrition or our bodies, sometimes we need to spend more time physically and emotionally getting in touch with our bodies. We can do this through guided and self-structured somatic exercises. Somatic exercises allow us to gain a deeper awareness of our internal processes while helping to calm the nervous system. As we are able to calm our nervous system and get more attuned and in touch with our bodies, we are better able to listen to and nourish our bodies accordingly.

But What Does This Have to do with Somatic Nutrition?

Because we are all complex, multifaceted human beings, it only makes sense that when working on our wellness, we dig deeper than going over a handout of nutrition facts. We often know what we should be eating but struggle to make these changes. We may be tempted to associate this with a lack of willpower, but another way to look at it is as a disconnect from our mind and bodies which can result from a multitude of factors such as trauma or chronic dieting. Somatic nutrition focuses on strengthening the mind-body connection by placing an emphasis on bodily awareness and nervous system regulation.

Is the Somatic Nutrition Approach Right for Me?

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