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Types of Childhood Trauma That Are Less Talked About

What comes to mind when you think of childhood trauma?

Often times the first examples that come to mind may be abuse, including physical or sexual.

Childhood trauma comes in many forms, and may not be as obvious as explicit abuse.

This picture highlights some of the less talked about forms of childhood trauma:

Types of Childhood Trauma

I describe trauma as an event or experiences that overwhelms our nervous system, and goes beyond our ability to cope at that time.

Trauma can be a single big event, such as a war, but it can also be more chronic or complex in nature, such an many of the examples highlighted on the above picture.

Many survivors of complex or chronic trauma share a feeling of "my trauma feels less valid because it's not as "bad" as other peoples".

If you resonate with this experience, please know:

💖 your struggles, hurts, and wounds are valid.

💖 recognizing your hurt does not diminish anyone else's.

💖 you deserve support no matter what your story or experience.

Looking for support navigating healing from past childhood wounds, trauma, or adversity? As a trauma therapist who specializes in this area, I would be happy to support!

Book a free 15-minute connection call through this link:


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